The African Civil Society Network on Water and Sanitation (ANEW) is an autonomous Africa- wide platform which aims to ensure that the diverse voices of African civil society organizations  are represented and heard in the development and implementation of policies and plans on water and sanitation across the continent. ANEW promotes dialogue, learning and cooperation on water and sanitation issues in Africa and provides a platform for sharing and coordinating voices of its members, who include civil society organizations and academia.

ANEW is a powerful CSO platform that has been established by African CSOs and is recognised  by government, CSOs and other major stakeholders in the water and sanitation (WASH) and  water resource management (WRM) sector at the national, regional, pan-African and  international levels. The African Ministers’ Council on Water (AMCOW) has charged ANEW with a substantial and significant mandate, from the grassroots and national level to the regional and pan-African level. Such recognition for CSOs in Africa is not common and is a demonstration of the impact that ANEW has made in the WASH/WRM sector in Africa.

The core of ANEW’s position in the WASH/WRM policy sector is the potential and current role that it plays in linking and building capacities for policy formulation and implementation at the national and pan-African levels. This includes facilitating an information exchange mechanism. All its member organizations rightfully expect improved advocacy ability and enhanced project implementation as a result of their membership with ANEW.


“An Africa where access to water is recognized as a right and where water resources and sanitation are sustainably managed and used by all.”


“To promote the effective engagement of diverse African civil society voices in the formulation and implementation of policies and strategies for water, sanitation and hygiene”

Our Distinctiveness

ANEW ‘s recognition as the prime African CSOs coordinator of the WASH and WRM sector by governments and other stakeholders in the sector.

ANEW ‘s neutrality and objectivity in approach of governance issues in the sector
ANEW’s leadership in policy advocacy and dialogue in WASH and WRM governance
ANEW’s representation of the African civil society voice in international forums

Core Values

  • Accountability at all levels of operation
  • Inclusiveness
  • Respect and Appreciation of Diverse views
  • Innovative
  • Aims for and promotes sustainability
  • Reflects Africa and African ethics